On 24.04.2024 in MBAL-Levski EOOD, a final meeting-discussion was held under project BGLD-1.007-0021 “Creating employment in MBAL LEVSKI EOOD through the introduction of innovative physiotherapy services”. on labor – Lyubka Milanova, Preslava Dimitrova – head of the Institute for Continuing Professional Training and Innovation Ltd., partner and coordinator, project employees, representatives of the media.

Evgenia Ivanova, manager of the hospital and project manager reported an extremely fruitful year with the successful creation of employment for 7 permanently unemployed persons with guaranteed work and training in a real environment for caregivers and health assistants.

The “Nirvana” digital rehabilitation system created under the project is applied with extremely good results when working with patients.

The high-tech tool “Nirvana”, based on virtual sensory reality for the rehabilitation of patients with neuromotor disorders and cognitive deficits, improves the patients’ condition with purposeful game activity in a stimulating audio-visual environment.

The rehabilitation with virtual reality of patients with impaired motor skills and the salt room – halotherapy are implemented 100 percent and give very good results and good feedback from the patients, reported Evgenia Ivanova.

The digital rehabilitation system is magic, because it immediately reports real achievements, and for sick people, this opportunity is extremely valuable, stressed Mrs. Ivanova.

Together with the traditional rehabilitation in the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, they contribute to the improvement of the health condition and the return of the patients to the normal environment, which is an outstanding achievement.

The joint application of the “Nirvana” system with the other rehabilitation methods of the physiotherapy department is impressive, because the patients gain independence faster and their interest is great, said the head Dr. Teodora Payakova.

The digital rehabilitation room “Nirvana” and the Salt Room bear the name of Dr. Ilinka Ilieva, in honor and in memory of the rehabilitator doctor who gave the idea and worked to implement innovative treatment methods in the hospital.

The participants in the meeting had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the innovative medical physiotherapy services – Nirvana and Salt Room with the participation of the unemployed employed by the project.

Nirvana in MBAL-LEVSKI is the second in the country, which also works for the needy, who are not patients of the hospital. Free access is provided for people with mobility problems, post-stroke conditions, autistic children, people with multiple sclerosis, etc.

MBAL-Levski EOOD and the Institute for Continuing Professional Education and Innovation EOOD are for the first time preparing and implementing a project under the program for local development and poverty reduction and inclusion of vulnerable groups, reported the project coordinator Preslava Dimitrova with gratitude for the very good management of the manager of the hospital and the responsiveness of the Labor Bureau in Levski.

Access to “Nirvana” and Salt Room was free for all people until now, project manager Evgenia Ivanova reported.

The “Nirvana” health service will continue to operate free of charge until September 30, and the Salt Room will operate according to a price list, and children will continue to use the Salt Room for free until September 30, 2024. For adults, the price for a 40-minute procedure is BGN 15, but if accompanying children, it will be free for them as well. Patients of the hospital do not pay for health services

The project BGLD-1.007-0021 “Creation of employment at MBAL LEVSKI EOOD by introducing innovative physiotherapy services” under a program financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014 – 2021, is worth BGN 297 thousand, of which the hospital in Levski operates and spends BGN 282 thousand.

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