“Nirvana” and Salt Room are the new medical physiotherapy services that patients can benefit from at the Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment (MBAL) in the city of Levski. They were implemented within the framework of a project implemented by the health facility.

During the implementation of the one-year project, seven new jobs were created in the hospital, manager Evgenia Ivanova told BTA. These are the permanently unemployed who are already trained in the professions of caregivers and health assistants.

The biggest contribution to the hospital is the introduction of the digital rehabilitation system “Nirvana” and the Salt Room, in which the halotherapy method is applied.

“Especially valuable for me is the digital rehabilitation system, because it is magic. Playing in “Nirvana” through fun games, by reaching flowers, balloons, numbers, the patient manages to raise his hands, move from one end of the room to the other, as this favors his self-service at home. This is not a problem for a healthy person, but for sick people, such an opportunity is extremely valuable. The patient immediately understands whether he has succeeded or not. as well as the halotherapy method that is applied in the Salt Room, together with our traditional rehabilitation in the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, contribute to the success of patients, to improving their health and returning them to their normal environment, which for me is an extraordinary achievement,” said Ivanova.

“Nirvana” is an innovative rehabilitation system that is successfully applied to people who have had a stroke, with cerebral palsy, with multiple sclerosis, with fractures, as well as with children with autism.

After the completion of the project, the Nirvana service will be available free of charge to patients until September 30. The salt room will operate on a price list for adults, but will be free for children. If those wishing to use the services are patients of the hospital, it will be absolutely free for them.

Evgenia Ivanova emphasized that the “Nirvana” system in Levski is the second implemented in a hospital in the country. There are three more, which are, however, in medico-social care homes and are not accessible to patients outside the respective treatment facility, she noted.

The salt room and the “Nirvana” hall bear the name of Dr. Ilinka Ilieva. She is the doctor who insisted and worked to implement these innovative methods of rehabilitation in the hospital in Levski, but she was not able to see her dream come true.

According to the head of the Department of Physiotherapy, Dr. Teodora Payakova, the effect of the joint application of the “Nirvana” system together with other rehabilitation methods is impressive. “Our patients gain more independence in their daily lives, become more confident and want to come more often,” she said. One of the great successes is with a patient who was in a coma, with a brain injury, but has been in the digital rehabilitation room for a year and is already walking without an aid.

The implementation of the two innovative medical services is possible within the project “Creation of employment at MBAL Levski EOOD through the introduction of innovative physiotherapy services”. Its total value is about BGN 300,000. It was also financed under the “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Improved Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups” Program through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (2014 – 2021).

Source: Bulgarian Telegraph Agency

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