April 24, 2023

In implementation of Activity 4 “Training of the unemployed” under the project in the period 13 – 20.04.2023, motivational training was held for 20 unemployed persons, registered in the “Labor Bureau” Directorate – Levski, divided into two groups of 10 people.

The training aimed to form skills for inclusion in the labor market and for job search, including learning skills for preparing job application documents, ways of presenting to an employer, as well as using various sources of information for finding a job.

The motivational training took place according to a previously developed schedule, curriculum within 4 days, for a total of 30 study hours, prepared by IPPON EOOD – project partner.

The teaching methods that the lecturers used were short lectures with presentation, case studies, role plays and group discussions. At the end of the training, all participants prepared a detailed professional resume for job search with stated goals corresponding to their wishes for employment. They could clearly define their individual action plan for finding a job, writing a cover letter and appearing for a job interview. Baseline tests were conducted with each learner. At the end of the training, all trainees received Certificates for successfully completed Motivational Training.